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Please read the Acceptable Use Policy before registering. You will be required to accept the terms of this agreement prior to first signing in to Shards.

Note the policy on multiple registration and multi-member households.
If someone else in your household uses Shards (or you aren't sure but you share a computer or use a broadband router) stop now and notify before you complete your registration. Include your intended MA and the MAs of any other users in your household. If you register from a friend's computer, you must notify us to avoid restriction of access. No exceptions are made to this policy.

Notes on Shards Accounts

If you encounter problems during registration or never receive your registration email, please email with you MA handle to verify your e-mail address. Do not register multiple accounts as this will result in restriction of access.

If you have any questions after succesful registration, feel free to reach out to Lapis Kelinia either in Shards or via email (

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