Shards Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of Shards is quite simple: we strive to be an excellent roleplay community that caters to a variety of interests. We are committed to maintaining freedom of speech, as we see this as integral to excellence in roleplay. Shards does not focus on a specific style or genre of roleplay. We aim to provide a framework which you can use to actualize your dreams. Our primary audience is the writer, the artist and the creator; the world of Shards is built on your imagination and is YOURS to enjoy. Shards is, at its heart, a community with passion for creative, story-focused roleplay.

A Shattered World
We provided tools for you to build your own rooms and characters within Shards. The result is a rich diversity in roleplay, from freeform polyglot to near future sci-fi to fantasy to gothic. Many in our community have organized to create "hubs" or little communities of connected rooms and players that create coherent settings. This community involvement in the creation of our worlds sets Shards apart from other roleplay sites.

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend until my death your right to say it...
The other key to Shards is our staunch commitment to freedom of speech. Where others grow squeemish at disagreement, we stand by and defend your right to voice your opinion, no matter how different, or opposed to our views it may be. Creative liberty is essential to the establishment of truly meaningful roleplay. Make no mistake about it, Shards is not a kids site. We believe in the right to explore mature themes through roleplay and to discuss topics that may create controversy. We stand by our decision and believe the quality of play, and discussion, in Shards speaks for itself.

Shards is not like any other roleplay community. Our passion for roleplay and our diversity of interests sets us apart from others site you may find. We invite you to come in and have a look for yourself! We believe you will find something to enjoy here...