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Finding Inspiration Images

Hosting Images - Not all sites are happy to let you hotlink, and when websites change, you lose your images. Store them somewhere!

Some notes on using same pics/actors for profiles:
Some people will want to use the same pictures as you. Do not be that person who has a fit over it. Some actors/images are popular. Your characters will look similar. The end.

Shards admin will not get between players if there is a dispute over character pictures unless the content was created by one of the players. If hub moderators wish to handle those disputes, they may, but we consider that ill-advised. While this sounds frustrating, the reality is that it's almost impossible to prove who did what first, so it is incredibly difficult to arbitrate.

Please credit the original artists in your bios! It goes a long way in preventing cease & desist requests. If you like their work enough to have it represent you, please respect and honor those who help bring your characters into being.

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