Meta-RP Skills

Whew. Okay, that's most of the theory out of the way. Before I get into specific examples, I just want to say a quick word about "Meta-RP" skills. These skills don't relate directly to the play itself, but still have enormous impact on the quality of RP you experience. "Meta-RP" roughly translates to "above RP" or "outside RP." In other words, these are OOC/interpersonal skills that relate to the roleplaying. Much of meta-RP concerns your general attitude and approach to RP, as opposed to specific rules governing what you do in play. Sadly, this area is frequently neglected and almost never discussed. If you want to be pretentious, these are just darn important life skills to have anyway, but it's especially important that you be able to apply these skills to RP. If no one is good at these things, the RP community will stagnate, and not a lot of actual playing will get done. I will list a few briefly.


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